BTB understands that culture of Bali is the key of tourism in Bali. Thus, BTB along with its members and partner protect, conserve and develop tourism culture as the key of sustainable tourism in Bali with various programs that related to the enhancement of qualitative tourism products.

Bali Tourism Board also provides its members with unparallel resources, essential industry news and information, practical solutions, best practices, and opportunities in key business area.

Our founders are:

  1. Majelis Utama Desa Pakraman (The Highest Chamber of Bali Village)
  2. Association of the Indonesian Hotel and Restaurant  (PHRI) Bali Province
  3. Association of the Indonesian Tours and Travel Agencies (ASITA) Bali Province
  4. Indonesian Tour Guide Association (HPI) Bali Province
  5. Bali Tourism Transportation Association (PAWIBA)
  6. Society of Indonesia Professional Convention Organizers (SIPCO) Bali Province
  7. Indonesian Tourism Objects and Attractions Organization (PUTRI) Bali Province
  8. Indonesian Marine Tourism Association (GAHAWISRI) Bali Province
  9. Pacific Asia Travel Association Bali and Nusa Tenggara (PATA) Chapter
  10. Association of The Indonesian Tourism Tertiary Education Institutions – Bali Province

Membership Categories:

  1. Tourism association
  2. State enterprises
  3. All related companies (large and small) in Bali tourism industry
  4. Tourism and Hospitality Educational components in Bali
  5. All related association in Bali tourism industry
  6. Local community


  • Access to an industry-wide network of tourism experts, thought leaders, governments’ official, innovators, and other tourism components.
  • Benchmark case studies, monthly statistics, handbooks, tools and survey from trusted sources to enhance business performance.
  • Bridge the industry’s voice to the local and central government of Indonesia.
  • Communication and timely delivery of industry news, business trends and strategies, and the latest tourism and creative economy innovations.
  • Savings on professional development courses.


Bali tourism industry would be able to experience many advantages through the existence of BTB in these difficult times we are facing right now and also in the years to come. Overall, we can say that BTB would benefit local community of Bali directly and Indonesia in general.

The above aspects can be justified by understanding Bali achievement in terms of tourism industry will not only benefit Bali but Indonesia in general considering the generated income from the Bali tourism industry will effect our national income.

Often we hear that tourism industry generated the second highest national income after gasoline and mining sector. This is as a result of Bali still being considered as the main tourism destination in Indonesia and the outcome of this will support the whole Indonesia in general.

However, specifically we could select those who would like to take advantage on that. Based on its vision and mission the existence of BTB firstly and importantly would give advantage to local community of Bali. It is in line with BTB vision that targeting the perfection of local community. And the advantage could be described not only on material, but also social status and their role in tourism industry. They would not be viewers who stand on the edge or tourism attractions any longer, but host for their guests.

Tourism practitioners would get its advantage. Through planned actions and cross exposure, BTB together with government and tourism practitioners would develop and build tourism of Bali. Hence, the success of BTB indeed would give positive impact to tourism industry directly. It means tourism practitioners benefited from BTB working performance.

Government has interchange relationship and importance in tourism. Previously, local authority has administrative responsibility to develop the tourism. However, later on when tourism goes smoothly, automatically the local authorities would enjoy the harvesting time. Through country income, tax and job opportunities in its region, clearly local authorities would get opportunity not only in developing its region, but also enhancing local community prosperity. We agree, of course, that a region with prosperous community would get opportunities to be a safe and prosper region.

Government with the existence of BTB, would get professional and experienced partner. BTB is a place for experienced tourism practitioners who equipped with capability and academic background. The existence of BTB means that Local Authorities could share the tasks with BTB inclusive get help and support in applying tourism development in Bali. Therefore, BTB is reliable working partner and lighten government task. In ideal condition, BTB could be counted as government role in applying tourism development.

Also, business practices in general would absorb the success of tourism development. Business practices could only be fertile if the local community in particular level of prosperity. Hence, the vision of BTB to enhance prosperity of local community could also be meant enhancing business opportunities in Bali. Even, tourism traffic in Bali would advantage commercial artists such as antiques, handy-craft, carving and sculpture, painting and home industry. Indeed, all sectors would take advantage on BTB, because BTB is a board that responsible to the development of tourism in Bali in which its activities would influence all living sectors of local community, local authorities and the country itself direct and indirect.